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We support people who have their own accommodation but, for various reasons, have difficulty in maintaining their tenancy. Our tenancy support service plays an important part in the prevention of homelessness and aims to empower people to lead a more stable lifestyle.


The service is available to single people and will normally address issues like:

  • Crisis intervention to anyone at immediate risk of becoming homeless for a any reason including threat of eviction.
  • Helps people living in temporary accommodation to access long-term solutions.
  • Budgeting and dealing with Debt and rent arrears.
  • Managing a tenancy effectively and planning for eventual move-on.
  • Life skills/ personal development


We also working with other agencies to address issues such as;

  • Substance misuse
  • Mental/ Physical Health
  • Accessing Education, volunteering and employment
  • Offending/ repeat offending.

Our team is skilled at listening and providing emotional support to help people build confidence in coping with their circumstances and provides a programme of client participation/activities to aid with this.