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Elwyn Davies founded PixelHaze in March 2015

Elwyn Davies founded PixelHaze in March 2015

Based in Mid Wales, UK, I have been website designer since I was 15 years of age and the love of creating attractive, easily navigated websites has never left me in the many years that I have been in the industry.

Surprisingly many of the web design concepts and disciplines that I had stumbled upon in my mid teens still hold true today.

Within a week of graduating a Product Design degree out of Cardiff, I became a co-founder and later an executive director of Spindogs, now based in Cardiff Bay. Developing one of the fastest growing Welsh companies in our industry sector ensured that we continued to learn quickly and the refusal to stand still in a fast moving industry has served us well ever since. I had an incredible 11 years at Spindogs and developed a vast amount of experience in project management, design and front-end website development.  I have directly project managed over 800 projects across multiple industry sectors and for companies of all shapes and sizes. Although there are clear differences between a £800 project for a start-up and a £30,000 project for a multinational, the fundamentals are the same. The consistency I have found with the clients I have met over the years is that they appreciate a hands-on approach based on honesty and a clear avoidance of using industry jargon for the sake of it.

There are two reasons why I have launched PixelHaze in March 2015, the first is that my family have relocated back to my original family home just outside Builth Wells (Mid Wales, UK). The other reason? I missed working  with the type of startups and small companies that I used to team up with at my previous agency a number of years ago. As our company grew the size of our client accounts naturally increased. It became more difficult to work with smaller companies based on budget due to the team size required to build a bespoke service offering.

5 years as a Squarespace designer, with a new workshop approach

I have had the concept of a workshop approach to website design rumbling around in my mind for nearly two years and as a result, PixelHaze was created.

The new workshop approach to website development is tailored towards small businesses throughout Wales and the UK and combines my wealth of industry experience with existing "off the shelf" software. If you require a website that looks beautiful, mobile friendly, individual, and need it up and running within a couple of weeks, then the PixelHaze approach is perfect for you. In fact I would go one better and say that you will get an extremely competitive price as well.

It would be great to hear from you, even if it is just a quick phone conversation or a chat over a cuppa to discuss your website project. Contact me via the enquiry form below and I’ll put the kettle on!

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