How to prepare a professional holding page (or single page website)

Get your single page website up and running
in no time...

Holding pages have been around since the early days of website creation. I would hazard a guess that over 90% of you would have come across a "this site is under construction" message at some stage. 

There is certainly a stigma attached to a poorly presented holding page with that dreaded "under construction" sign on display. Thankfully there a clear alternative, a beautifully presented one-page website or temporary page can generate very positive results.

Here are some quick tips to get the most out of your holding page:

  • Imagine your holding page is a slightly more detailed online version of your business card. It is therefore worth considering the inclusion of: 
    • Your company logo with colour scheme
    • Key contact information and a basic enquiry form
    • Add an interactive map highlighting your business premises
    • A short introduction to your business
    • Photography/imagery to link with your business or key service offering (think about what you would present on a giant billboard)
  • Search engines (keeping expectations in check) - Although a holding page is likely to be picked up by search engines within a couple of months, it unfortunately cannot work miracles. By only having one page available to search engines, it is likely that your page will be hard to find for terms other than your business name without investing additional money in advertisement.

Although not a magic bullet, a carefully crafted holding or landing page can ensure your business has a professional and respectable online presence, allowing you to develop your full website without the added pressure of not having something in place.

if this seems a little daunting, have no fear. I can provide a 3-4 hour workshop to create your fully professional holding page (or single page website).