Case Study: toogoodtowaste

Within 10 minutes of our first meeting at Ynyshir, it was easy to see why the re-use social enterprise, toogoodtowaste have developed such a positive reputation in South Wales.

With a strong focus on customer care, it was clear that the culture laid out by the organisation has been successfully carried through by staff members and volunteers alike. It was also evident that the online presence and in some instances, written material, did not reflect this success. The website had become dated (understandably so due to it's age) and was difficult and time consuming for the marketing team to maintain.

toogoodtowaste is the leading re-use charity and social enterprise operating in Rhondda Cynon Taf.  One of their main goals is to reduce waste by collecting re-usable household items and redistributing them via their charity showrooms throughout the region. Funds raised through sales are used to low income households and provide training and volunteering opportunities.

I think this website is one of the best I’ve seen for being well-organised and easily navigable
— toogoodtowaste

PixelHaze carried out an initial two-day workshop at the toogoodtowaste at their Ynyshir Branch to develop a new website from the ground up, however incorporating some of the initial content. We also provided an additional one-day training session using the award winning Canva online design software, initially developing an updated style guide for the social enterprise. We also created a series of versatile graphics and literature as part of the workshop

Key project requirements

  • Integrate video header with four key call to actions viewable without scrolling (on 90% of browsers). The video was developed by a separate agency.
  • Maintain a strong tie-in with the existing brand and colour scheme
  • Ensure the website accurately portrays the culture and energy of the organisation
  • Provide hands-on, comprehensive training for staff at their South Wales location
  • Mobile friendly (responsive) website
  • Provide a powerful and flexible admin area that is easy to update for multiple team members
  • Deliver a one-day Canva workshop and master class

You can view the new toogoodtowaste website here.