Is your brand up to scratch?

You may have noticed FSB posting an article asking if your brand is up to scratch a couple of weeks ago.

The organisation is well equipped to discuss the trials and tribulations that are associated with a re-brand having been through the process as recently as last year. It's a good read and if you haven't had a chance to take a look you can find a link here.

In the meantime we are also due to announce some slight adjustments to our branding workshops, although we remain fully dedicated to start-ups and micro businesses. The logo design service incorporates many of the the processes mentioned in the article, however condensing the whole format into either 1/2 day or 1 day workshops. Therefore we are able to keep a tight control of costs and ensuring you get the very best value. 

The PixelHaze Logo Clinic

Do you have a logo that is starting to look tired and requires modernising?
Are you a start-up with a clear idea of what you require for a brand but do not have the means to create a logo and style guide?

After speaking with clients in these circumstances, we have developed a quick-fire logo clinic to help address this demand. For just £50 you will be able to spend an hour at our studio in Builth Wells, exploring up to 3 different options for your brand. Additionally we will create your logo in various formats (for web print, inverted etc...) and a style guide allowing you to maintain consistency with your new company brand. 

Watch this space for updates, however if you are interested in this service please contact us using the link below to discuss further.