Starter layouts are a very welcome new addition to Squarespace

You may have noticed that the PixelHaze team are pretty big fans of the Squarespace platform.

We feel that pound-for-pound it is comfortably the most effective way of building an online website or e-commerce store for small businesses. The great news is that Squarespace has now added a range of starter page options. 

We have received feedback from clients saying that they would like a little more assistance when adding new pages to maintain a clear, consistent flow throughout the website. The brand new starter layout feature achieves this as well as providing a great source of inspiration. Have a look at the screenshots below to get an idea of the simplicity of the new features.

Get up and running with starter layouts

The new feature has been added to all of our websites. To get a new page up and running simply "add a new page" in the "pages" section of your content management system (admin area) and the left hand panel will become available once you have named your new page, as shown in the example above. Finally select your starter template and upload your new content. 

If you are an existing client we would love to hear how you are getting on with some of the new Squarespace features. Please contact us to let us know your thoughts.