Work Experience Report - Kenneth Rees

For year 12’s work experience I wished to look for a placement that enabled me to learn new skills using computers with web design and taught me the business side of the website industry.

PixelHaze did just that. Working with Elwyn has been an incredible experience over the last five days due to his upbeat personality and his knowledge and experience of the Website design industry. This has been the second time I have had work experience with Elwyn as he has managed to get me hooked on web design.

Instead of simply just giving me instructions to do various tasks throughout the week Elwyn gave me a design brief to create a website for ‘Radnor YFC’ a site that will now be going live within a few months, I wire framed, set out, and transferred data from the old site to the new one essentially making a website from scratch with very little experience. With Elwyn’s help I was able to create a fully working website within a short space of time which in my eyes is a rather big achievement.

Elwyn gave me access to a variety of new and very high tech tools to help him with the process of creating the ideal website for his customers. One of the tools I was very fond of was his ‘Google street view fish eyed camera, which enables you to create a full 360 picture of a selected area. This process was very unique and offered the customer an extra feature to add to their website. Another very handy tool that I will have trouble detaching myself from would be the 15’’ Macbook, which has been immensely useful, and efficient for aiding with creating websites with Elwyn.

Working within PixelHaze and being taught the skills required for this line of work has been remarkably helpful and I will look to work with Elwyn in future with more of his projects.

Cheers for the great week!

Kenneth Rees
Llandrindod High School