Introducing Canva - The best graphic design tool that you have never heard of

We are delighted to welcome the award winning Canva (online graphic design software) to our PixelHaze toolbox.

Having trialled the software with select clients over the past four months, we can safely say that Canva is extremely easy to use, flexible and free to use. In short it is a perfect fit for our unique workshop approach.

We now have a dedicated page outlining our Canva Workshop. To find out more please click on the button below:

Although there is no substitute to working with a talented designer, however if you do not have an ongoing contract with an agency, Canva is ideal for the following circumstances:

  • If you would like a stronger tie in with your logo across all artwork.
  • You have the resources to create additional literature, however need assistance with creating the templates and themes.
  • Multiple business cards are needed for your team and you will need to add or up details on a regular basis.
  • You regularly need to create and update social media graphics.
  • Your company has an in-house marketing team who require flexible software and initial training. 

How much does it cost?

The great news is that the software is completely free to use. Should you want to create your own graphics or upload photos, you can download anything from web-ready graphics to high quality prints without any charge. Canva do however charge for some stock graphics and photos. 

Should getting to grips with Canva prove too much for you please feel free to get in touch so we can plan a customised Canva training workshop for your business.