A host of new features announced for Canva!

If you haven't had a chance to check out Canva then now is a great time to take a look. The online platform provides a fast and free solution for small businesses to create high quality graphics, posters and even business stationery. 

There is no substitute for building a working relationship with an experienced graphic designer, however Canva provides a perfect solution for companies who need to create effective graphics on a shoestring budget.

We have collated a number of key features below, all of which can be integrated seamlessly in our versatile Canva Workshops.

Example website from Canva.com

Example website from Canva.com

Website Presentations

Need a simple, interactive website presence for a tender presentation? Or maybe a landing page to advertise a specific event? The great news is that Canva now provides a hosted website option.

There has been over 150 million designs created in Canva, from presentations to single page posters and adverts. All of these can now be sent as a web link instead of a PDF!

Chart Creation

You can now add your own data and generate beautiful looking bar charts, line graphs and pie charts in Canva. It is easy to ensure your graphs remain on-brand and provide a professional presence.

The chart creation tool (As shown on the Canva blog)

The chart creation tool (As shown on the Canva blog)

Embed Canva designs into your website

More great news! Canva graphics and presentations can now be embedded directly into your existing Squarespace website! This simple and elegant solution will not only look fantastic, it should also save you a considerable amount of time.

Get your Canva designs up and running with PixelHaze

We provide a range of specialist workshops in Canva, from beginner training to offering consultancy for companies who are already up to speed. What's more, you will be guaranteed a set of templates or bespoke designs as part of all of our workshops. 

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