Squarespace Email Campaigns

Squarespace have added a new item to their toolbox: Email marketing campaigns. 

This additional tool provides you with another method of connecting with your audience. Subscribers can receive emails to keep up to date with your business helping to increase sales and engagement.

At PixelHaze, we have long been advocates of MailChimp as our preferred mass email campaign tool and it is still the most comprehensive solution in our eyes. However, we are definitely excited by this new resource (built into the Squarespace admin area) as it fits so comfortably with the rest of the Squarespace platform.

The email marketing campaign feature allows you to create emails which mirror the brand and style of your existing Squarespace website. With plenty of email layouts and features the tool allows you to express whatever you need to say to your subscribers. The professionally designed layouts automatically use your website's logo and social media so you long have to focus on your email. You can even populate your email with existing posts and images used from your current site.

This new tools expands the way you can connect with your target audience and would make a great feature for your business.

We recommend that you check out the new Squarespace Email Marketing Campaign tool for more information. Also please feel free to get in touch if you would like to catch up for a coffee and discuss how this mass email tool can help your business.