Social Media Design Training: Back To Roots (#B2RHealth)

Mid Wales based Back To Roots required a striking social media toolkit to compliment their existing brand, translating scientific research into impactful, bitesize messages.

In the internet age, information isn’t the issue. The issue how that information is being translated in an efficient and timely manner.

Above: A series of Canva templates for the #B2RHEALTH Instagram channel

We have been working alongside the fast-growth healthcare company, Back To Roots over the past two years to assist with their message of supporting healthcare professionals in a rapidly changing sector. More recently, we have been focussing on using Instagram (specifically daily instagram stories) as a way of translating the enormous volume of research

To facilitate this, we have developed a social media toolkit that provides an ever-growing range of graphics that the Back To Roots team can utilise in a timely manner. The new graphics achieve an ideal balance of both flash and substance, which is critical to the message being portrayed by the business.

We will be looking to develop the toolkit as we move into 2019, watch this space!

Visit the Back To Roots Website for more information.