Energise your website homepage with video headers

We have been adding video headers (Squarespace Video Background) to our Squarespace websites for quite a while now.

Yes there is a trade-off with page load speed, however there is often no better solution for showcasing your product or service. A 30 second montage of your production line at work, or for a full motion preview of your case studies, video headers can be just the ticket. If you are on a budget then many modern camera phones can take good video quality in suitable light and conditions (just try to get a tripod or keep the camera as still as possible). If funds can stretch a little further, we can hook you up with some truly outstanding suppliers of professional video or 4k drone footage.


Recent changes with video headers on Squarespace

Due to recent changes with how YouTube videos are embedded in websites, our preference is to install on If you would like to add a video header to your Squarespace website, we are happy to add it to our Vimeo account on your behalf.

If you have any questions about adding video headers to your website, or to switch your existing video from YouTube to Vimeo Plus, please feel free to get in touch.