Why it is crucial to have a website holding page when you are building your masterpiece

If you are launching a start-up business and are in the process of building a new website presence, we strongly recommend setting up a holding page (sometimes referred to as a “splash” page) to keep things ticking along in the meantime.

We have been involved with many start-up projects over the years and have found that in almost all instances, our clients have been happy with their decision to launch a polished, temporary online presence for their fledgling business.

Website holding pages can be a great point of reference while you get things off the ground.

Website holding pages can be a great point of reference while you get things off the ground.

Here are some reasons why it is important to set up a holding page:

  1. It gets you on the map - you can set up your Google My Business profile for Google Maps and then link to your new website URL.

  2. Social link-up - you can link up your social media accounts to your new page and give curious future clients and customers a glimpse of what you have in the offering.

  3. It needn’t be expensive - the Squarespace personal hosting plan works out at £120+VAT for the year (in the UK), as Squarespace Circle members and Squarespace Authorised Trainers, we can also get an additional 20% discount for you. In most cases the cost for us to set up your landing page is £100 or less and can be carried out remotely.

  4. Google will notice you more quickly - We are not suggesting that a holding page with launch you to the top of Google (that depends on so many factors), however, by at least having a holding page, it gives Google bots the chance to find your website before your full website has launched, beginning the journey of establishing your new domain name.

  5. A professional web presence (even a temporary solution) develops trust when you are pitching for new work. If you are in the service industries , not having a temporary website can be a costly, if avoidable mistake.

“Okay, so I need a holding page, what next?”

Your new holding page can be launched very quickly and with minimal fuss. We recommend pulling together a feature image (or mini gallery), your new brand (including logo, fonts and colour scheme), contact details and an introductory paragraph or “elevator pitch”. See, we said it needn’t be complicated!

You can then work with your designer to launch your Squarespace holding page. If you are struggling to find a designer for this task, we are happy to help. Simply click on the button below to get in touch :)