Don't forget to collect your 20% Squarespace discount!

We can obtain a 20% Squarespace hosting discount (on all plans) with all of our website design workshops or training sessions.

We have been building Squarespace websites for over 4 years and are rapidly approaching our 200th website design on the platform. During this process we have been added to the Squarespace Circle program, allowing us to provide you with additional discounts.

The Squarespace Discount 20 offer provides an instant, automatic saving for your business.

The Squarespace Discount 20 offer provides an instant, automatic saving for your business.

Squarespace Circle Member and Authorised Trainer

We are proud of our achieving our status as both a Circle Member and Authorised Trainer and this means that our clients directly benefit from this arrangement. Not only can we obtain automatic discounts on your behalf, we can also extend your free trial period.

How it works

As a Squarespace Circle Member, PixelHaze can get your 20% discount automatically when we start to build your website, meaning no fuss or complications. You don’t even need to worry about coupon codes. We can automatically apply your discount codes, leaving you with more time to concentrate on what matters. The 20% discount is for the first 12 months if you choose an annual plan or for the first month if you choose to pay monthly. Naturally, we recommend that you opt for the annual plan as a result. If you are starting to panic as to what plan is going to be the most suitable you needn’t worry, we can help you with each step of the process.

Extended 6 Month free trial

For non-circle members, the free trial period is often 2 weeks, we have the added benefit of extending this to 6 months (again this is an automatic arrangement for all of our projects), meaning that if your website project takes a couple of months to complete, you will only need to begin to pay for the hosting when the website is ready to launch.

If you would like to stay in loop with all potential Squarespace offers, head on over to PixelHaze Academy (our online web design training programme) or simply contact us via the button below: