Facebook messenger for your website - Squarespace setup

We have been receiving increased enquiries from clients asking about adding the Facebook messenger chat plugin, the great news is that it can be setup in no time with Elfsight Apps.

After the initial request, I proceeded to delve into the array of software plugins out there (there are loads and most are on a subscription basis) and I finally settled upon Elfsight. There is a free version (see more below), however I have subscribed to the $5 per month option. I think it is a great feature to help with my growing website.

Above:  The Facebook Messenger Plugin by Elfsight

Above: The Facebook Messenger Plugin by Elfsight

Why add to Facebook messenger to your website?

It clearly depends on how active you are on Facebook, if you are already very active, it is a seamless addition and method of making your company easily accessible to your clients and customers. The way the plugin is designed means that it doesn’t distract from the content.

Will I need a Facebook page for this messenger plugin to work?

Yes, as this plugin works within the Facebook messenger ecosystem, you will need a Facebook Page to get this up and running - during the setup stage you will need to login and link up your account.

How much will it cost?

For startups or those running small brochure websites, there is a good chance that you can get hold of it free of charge (the free Elfsight Facebook Messenger Plugin is free for up to 200 views per month). There is then a $5 per month charge for the majority of my clients. That is the plan I have chosen for PixelHaze.

Need additional help?

Elfsight apps are pretty straight forward to integrate into Squarespace, however If you aren’t comfortable with setting this up on your Squarespace website, we can help over the phone or by our messenger tool for a one-off £30 fee.