Squarespace Plugins - So what is a website plugin anyway?

Website plugins are 3rd party code or apps that can integrate with your Squarespace website.

Plugin categories include text and menu styles, countdown timers, galleries and pricing tables. Some of our favourites include the Lightbox Anything plugin and the range of Facebook messenger and comments plugins. 

Historically, these were incorporated into website projects by professional Squarespace designers, however as they are (in many cases) easier to install, there has been a growth in popularity for all Squarespace users. 

With the view of ‘plug-in’ the gap (I promise I won’t do that again), I have answered the five most recently asked questions about plugins for Squarespace. 

Can I have a plugin added to my Squarespace website as part of a PixelHaze project?

In most cases, yes. We are commercial clients for many of the the Squarespace plugin libraries and this allows us to include any of these as part of a project.

What about Squarespace Multilingualizers such as Bablic? I want to translate my website into two or more websites?

I would categorise Bablic as 3rd party software with a Squarespace integration. Many multilingualizers are stand-alone (they will work with a number of different platforms, not only Squarespace), hence why I would suggest that they are different entities.

Are Squarespace Plugins easy to install?

Absolutely, plugins are created for users of all abilities and the guides are generally very straight forward to follow. You will not need any prior experience of HTML or CSS code to add a plugin. Understanding of CSS styling can really help if your aim is to modify a plugin to suit your website. I would recommend hiring a professional for a mini-project to achieve this.

What Squarespace hosting plan will I need 

For the majority of Squarespace plugins, you can get away with the personal plan, however, some variations require you to add page header injection code which requires the business plan or higher. Remember if this is your first website, clients and PixelHaze Academy members can gain a 20% discount code for the first year of hosting with Squarespace. 

What is the best plugin for SEO on Squarespace?

The good news is that there have been a considerable number of new features added to Squarespace (all plans) meaning that you will not need to add a Squarespace plugin specifically for SEO. We will be writing a number of articles demonstrating how you can get the most from SEO (Search engine optimisation) on Squarespace, so stick around. :)

If you have any questions that you would like to add to this post, feel free to contact us and if suitable for our audience we will post them on your behalf.