Technology for the 'nontechie' - Let us answer your SOS!

Since graduating with a Product Design degree way back in 2004, I have been actively working in the technology sector and there is one point that I can make with absolute certainty; the range of technological solutions available to small business owners has grown exponentially.

Getting lost in a sea of technical jargon?

Getting lost in a sea of technical jargon?

And here lies a double-edged sword.

If you are ever looking at ways of reaching new audiences, tracking sales with sophisticated formulas or even streamlining your business operations with cloud software, there are often thousands of options just a Google search away. You can shop based on your requirements, price and payment plans without having to leave your desk or sofa. All of these options can indeed have a profound, positive impact on your business. This is of course providing you do not sink under the sheer weight of information or struggle to ascend the steep learning curve in an area that you are unlikely to ever fully master.

PixelHaze was created to help businesses with this dilemma.

We love working with technology and are constantly learning as software and computer hardware evolves. The fact that we enjoy working in this space means that you don’t have to. Since January 2019, you may have noticed that we have upped our game with levels of support through our website. We have always had a ‘cut through the crap’ approach with our web design workshops and projects, but we are now casting our net wider (sorry, drowning in puns here), to help a world-wide audience of small business owners in the same boat (again, sorry, just can’t stop it!). We now have an ever-expanding video tutorial library (Tech Tips - helping you to get to grips with Squarespace, Canva and Google products) and we are also posting support articles on a regular basis. Finally, within the next couple of months we will have our first Masterclass modules (a subscription web design training programme) live on our website.

When rolling out a new product or service there is one statement at the forefront of our minds; “how can we bridge the technology knowledge gap between rapidly changing software and small business owners”. So it is only fitting that, whenever possible, we try to stay away from the highly technical jargon and speak in plain English. Our articles and tutorials are rarely for our peers (industry specialists and long-established web and graphic designers), but are instead for small business owners and the next generation of designers, folks who are trying to keep afloat in the ocean of technology.

If you are in need of a life raft or just a bit of technical translation, feel free to get in touch. We’ll get the kettle on!