Squarespace Online Training Courses with PixelHaze

We are delighted to announce that our Squarespace online training courses will be launching in Spring 2019, with the aim to develop a comprehensive training course to bridge the gap between you and the steep learning curve when using website builders. 


Demystifying website builders - breaking down the myth


Based on the TV commercials for all of the leading website builders, it all looks so easy. Once you have your business idea, simply sign up to your preferred online website building software, spend a couple of hours mastering this miraculous technology, and hey presto! Your new website is online in a jiffy, without you even needing to break a sweat! Reality, alas, is often a wholly different experience. In the last year alone, I have received such feedback from at least 15 new clients who have tried to build their own website and finally run out of steam or patience. The website builder experience it seems, works for the few and not the many.

Cards on the table, I have been using Squarespace as my website platform of choice for nearly four years and in the main, it has been ideal. The combination of a very powerful website that is easy to use in the right hands, with the fact that (like many competitors) the software can be overwhelming for beginners, has enabled me to carve out my very own niche in the web design industry. Squarespace is built with designers in mind, the templates are gorgeous with a wide range of baked-in features.

The results, however, can vary considerably depending on the user’s ability and experience. My key role is to bridge the gap between my clients and the barriers in place with website builders.  I am now opening this services to a wider audience at a very competitive price.


Proactive training where you want it, when you want it
Squarespace Group Workshops & Squarespace Online training Masterclass

There will be two additional services added to our roster in the spring of 2019. PixelHaze will be providing group website design courses throughout Wales and the UK (for groups of up to 8 attendees from a range of small businesses) and a full online training course in video format via a competitive subscription service. The online courses will provide both build your own website enthusiasts and junior graphic and website designers our full design process; from creating the ideal brief, through to planning, design and post-launch strategy.

Here’s a quick peek at the key modules that will be covered in the new Squarespace training course:

  1. Develop a quick and impactful web design brief

  2. Content prioritisation and wire-framing guide

  3. Create flexible user-friendly sitemaps in the Squarespace admin

  4. Get inspired with website design

  5. Getting to grips with the Squarespace design editor

  6. Designing individual pages

  7. Content addition/transfer techniques

  8. Settings

  9. Go-live

  10. Post-project plans

These modules have all been based on tried and trusted techniques and is the same approach that we apply to any web design project, from landing pages for start-ups, to 300+ page websites for large established firms. No stone will be unturned and no ideas are kept up our sleeve. There will be an early-adopter subscription at £90 per year for all of the above, including access to all of our Tech Tips catalogue.

Our masterclass will be the comprehensive online training course for Squarespace.



If you are interested in finding out more about the Squarespace training via our Online Masterclass, please contact us via the button below. Alternatively sit tight, we will have more announcements very soon!