Squarespace blog mobile app to be discontinued

As of July 1, the Squarespace Blog App no longer works on any devices where it was installed.

Squarespace removed the app from the App Store in early June but all is not lost, the functionality is being moved over to fully fleshed-out mobile apps for iOS and Android.

Maybe it says a little too much about my social life these days, but I am going to miss the Squarespace mobile blog app as it moves to the retirement pastures. We have spend some good times together and I really appreciated the speed in which I could get a new article online when out and about (much to the disdain of my wife during family time).

If you haven’t had a chance to try out the mobile apps, I’d recommend giving them a go,. The mobile software allows you to add and edit most things to your Squarespace website and is progressing nicely. There is even a tablet version for iOS that gives you a useful hybrid option between mobile and desktop screens. The Android app is still in beta, however if you try and access your existing Squarespace blog app, you can find access from there.