The new standalone website will provide hands-on support for small business owners who are looking to build or manage their websites on website builders such as Squarespace or Wix. We will also provide a host of support resources and we have scoured the planet for the very best plugins and 3rd party software that the internet contains. All of this has been collated on our new online training website and we are excited to invite you to learn how to use Squarespace with us.

Why create PixelHaze Academy?

It’s fair to say that there’s a huge amount of of information and support resources available online, so many that finding the right resource on Google or YouTube can bring on a headache. Even if you find the perfect video, what is the chance of finding a host of related content without yet more scratching around in the dark? We have spent many hours in the bottom of that particular well.  

MIND THE TECHNOLOGY GAP   PixelHaze Academy deliveres online training in Squarespace, Canva, Google, Bablic and a host of software solutions for web design.

PixelHaze Academy deliveres online training in Squarespace, Canva, Google, Bablic and a host of software solutions for web design.

Many of the tutorials out there are too technical in their format, especially you don’t particularly want to become an expert in your field but instead just need to know enough about web design and how to get the most out of Squarespace without sacrificing 6 months of your life. Other resources at the other end of the spectrum merely skim the surface and claim “their 5 minute solution will generate 50 grand per month”.

We have found that it is really difficult to find a resource that achieves the perfect balance between ‘quick and simple to pick up’ and ‘informative and comprehensive’. We want to make it straight forward for graphic designers, junior web designers and business owners who want to learn how to design Squarespace websites in a hassle-free manner.

PixelHaze Academy founder, Elwyn Davies, has over 15 years of experience in the web design industry and has designed, managed or collaborated on over 1,500 web design projects of all shapes and sizes.

These projects scaled from brochure websites for startups to complicated bespoke systems for multi-national organisations. Along the way, Elwyn has developed a host of careful hacks and shortcuts to allow him to build websites efficiently, but at the same timeleaving no stone unturned. This information is now been organised into a practical online training facility, the PixelHaze Academy Masterclass.

PixelHaze Academy is where support videos and documentation for website builders are collated into one expanding and easy to navigate library. With the Masterclass, we will go further than just focusing on the ‘how’ (‘how do I add a button to my page?’) to instead focus on best practice and deliver on the ‘why and when’ ('why should I consider content balance', 'when should I add a button or call to action on my homepage').

We are very excited about developing a combination of the Squarespace Masterclass (First module launching in May), the Canva Masterclass (launching late 2019) and a host of plugins and complementary software from some of the best and most dependable providers online. As we move into 2020, our roadmap also includes development of training content for photography, Marketing and PR. If you are interested in joining our early adopter programme (and saving up to 50% of your subscription in the process!), head over to the PixelHaze Academy website.